Introduction| Volume 5, ISSUE 1, Pxxix-xxx, May 2023

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A Celebration of Words

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      Linda J. Keilman, DNP, MSN, GNP-BC, FAANP, Editor-in-Chief
      Did you realize you are part of a celebration? According to an online website, the definition of a celebration is “a special enjoyable event that people organize because something pleasant has happened.”[] What pleasant event has occurred? The publication of our fifth issue of Advances in Family Practice Nursing—that is what we are celebrating! It is very exciting for all of us, and we could not have accomplished this without you—our loyal readers. We thank you for reading the words that are an accumulation of thoughts and ideas that eventually emerge into finished articles of interest to you.
      Thank you to our authors who volunteer to share their wisdom, expertise, and time on topics related to adult/gerontology, women’s health, and pediatrics. If not for the expert authors, we could not put our journal to print.
      That brings me to the incredible professional Elsevier management and production staff, who organize, edit, manage, and produce this great journal. We celebrate your multifactorial roles and expertise. A special shout-out to our fearless leaders at Elsevier, Kerry K. Holland, who is Senior Editor at Elsevier/Global Content Partners, and Hannah Lopez, who is the Developmental Editor for Elsevier/Global Content Partners. Both are integral in keeping us on track, on time, and motivated to birth another issue of exciting words that we can apply to our ever-increasing nursing knowledge. I don’t know the names of all the people behind the scenes who do all the publishing work. But names or not—we celebrate YOU! Thanks for putting the words together to achieve quality scholarly work in the form of a hardbound journal. We applaud you and appreciate you!
      As editor-in-chief, I am blessed to work with three amazing associate section editors (Doctors Harris, Holley, and Sheehan), who search for authors for each of their sections. It takes a lot of time trying to secure authors to commit to delivery of a timely and quality article. I admire your work and persistence while carrying out your full-time academic teaching and clinical practice roles. You are a top-notch team; I am grateful for the opportunity to work with each of you!
      This fifth issue is full of wonderful, meaningful words—many of which are medical terminology. We all know words matter. Their accurate and appropriate use is imperative in health care literature. Trying to define and explain some of the words is important for the reader—they need to know to grow! Professional and personal growth leads to improved patient care, which leads to better outcomes, better quality of life, and decreased health care costs. A WIN-WIN for everyone!
      I hope you will celebrate our fifth issue with us! If you have ideas or would like to be considered as a future author, please reach out to me at We have our 2024 sixth issue already planned; we are working on ideas for 2025! Share your words and wisdom with us and our nursing readers. All of us associated with the Advances in Family Practice Nursing journal want our journal to have meaning for you—our readers. Looking forward to another five celebratory years!


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